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  1 - Custom Stations - Your own personal private playlists
  2 - Top Stations - Discover our most popular stations here!
  3 - Pop - Hit Songs from Exciting New Artists Around the World!
  4 - Easy Listening - Mellow, Easy-going Music to Set a Calm Mood
  5 - Chill - Perfect for Lounge, Café, Bar, and Happy Hour Settings
  6 - Latin - A Mix of Latin Pop, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Tropical, and More
  7 - Jazz - Everything from Cool Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, and Bebop to Electro-Swing and more…
  8 - New Age - Tranquil and Sublime, Perfect for Spa, Therapy and Relaxation
  9 - Hip Hop - Hip Hop is a worldwide movement influential in music, dance, fashion, art, and commerce since the 1970s
  10 - Indie - Discover Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Emo, Alt Pop and More
  11 - Dance - Hot Dance Stations in Various Styles and Intensities
  12 - RnB - A Hot Mix of Soul, Urban, Funk, Groove and More
  13 - Fitness - Perfect for Fitness, Cardio, Aerobics, and Weight Training
  14 - Rock - It’s all here: Lively Pop Rock Vocals to Modern, Classic, Surf, Melodic, Alt, Punk…
  15 - Tributes - In Recognition of Special Artists and Music History
  16 - Country - A Rustic Mix of Country, Blues, Folk, and Americana
  17 - Classical - Light Classical with Small Ensembles, Solo Piano, and More
  18 - Electronica - Electronic Progressive Music Originating from the UK
  19 - Dramatic - Perfect for More Dramatic Moods and Moments
  20 - Theme Parks - Music for In-Park Entertainment at Fun Theme Parks
  21 - World - Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Hawaii, and Much More!
  22 - Brazil - Discover the sensual sounds of Brazilian Samba, MPB, Bossa Nova, and More!
  23 - Asia - Music of Asia, including China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.
  24 - Indian - Exciting Indian music from Classical to Bollywood
  25 - Middle East - From Arabic Pop to Anasheed and Isaeli Folk
  26 - Kids - Fun-time Music for Children's Entertainment
  27 - Spiritual - Enlightening Music for Connecting with a Higher Consciousness
  28 - Christmas - A Variety of Exciting Holiday Music!

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